Do you think "My job makes me unhappy"? The 7 best things you can do right now (2023)

One of Apple's founders, Steve Jobs, said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." While some people are lucky enough to find the job they love, many people are not so lucky. They know right away that they hate their job or end up becoming disillusioned with their job or their organization.

If you still think my job makes me unhappy, you're not alone. According to survey-based research50% of workersThey don't like their job. The main reasons you may want to quit are not getting what you deserve, lack of communication, and being neglected or feeling unappreciated. But before you throw in the towel and seek greener pastures, there may be a few things you can do.

Here are seven things you can do right now to improve your situation. And start by getting to the root of your unhappiness.

1. Why does my job make me unhappy?

There may be several reasons why you are not satisfied with your work. Some of them have nothing to do with the job itself or the company you work for. conditions likeanxiety and depressionit can lead to a lack of concentration, tiredness and general resentment.

You may even enjoy your work and believe in your organization's mission. But if left untreated, health problems that affect your mood, attitude, and behavior can interfere with your work. You may also experience something traumatic or exciting in your personal life.

Unfortunately, such things affect the way others see you and your enthusiasm for professional interests. Take time to get to the bottom of your feelings and perceptions. If you find that you are really dissatisfied with the job or the company, you can move on to the next step.

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2. Determine what you want from the job

Once you figure out why my job makes me unhappy, change your answer. This will show what you need or want from a job. Perhaps you are unhappy because you are not progressing in your career.

Your boss doesn't seem to notice your extra effort, or feels like your position is a dead end. He has now decided that he wants to be mobile. But maybe you need to refine that desire.

In other words, what is ascension like for you? Maybe that means a promotion after three years. Or the opportunity to move to another department and learn new skills.

If upward mobility isn't on your to-do list, you may want a culture of collaboration and recognition for a job well done. Some corporate cultures are more competitive and can become exhausting or toxic for certain personalities. Other times, it's a problem with the department's subculture or the manager's leadership style.

For more information, see: How do I find a job if I am not interested in a job?

3. See if you can adjust your schedule

One60% of itthose who can do their work from home want to keep it that way. You want to work 100% remotely or have a hybrid schedule. These hours mean that employees are in the office a few days a week.

The rest of the time they work from home or elsewhere. If your commute is too long or exhausting, ask your boss for another solution. It never hurts to ask, and employers are more willing to be flexible than lose a good employee.

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You may also benefit from remote or hybrid work if you find it difficult to work full time in the office. You could be someone who can focus better without the distractions of coworkers. Or maybe you find it easier to balance personal and work responsibilities by working remotely.

4. Request an internal transfer

Instead of saying that I quit because my job makes me unhappy, look at your inner possibilities first. Find out if there are other openings at your company that interest you. In this case, talk to your manager about the possibility.

You can approach your boss by saying that you would like to pursue other professional interests. Let them know that she enjoyed or valued her time in the department. However, he feels that he has outgrown his current role and would like to continue to grow with the company.

But if you don't feel comfortable talking to your boss, just log in. That is, if your organization does not require approval from your current manager. Talk to your human resources department or check your employee handbook before applying.

5. Ask for stretch orders

It is possible that you are not satisfied with your work because you are bored. You've mastered the basics and need something more challenging to inspire you. Contact your manager and see if there are any other projects or jobs you can take on.

While your title and payment may not change immediately, accepting renewal orders may set you up for a promotion. Companies and executives often want to invest more in their employees. If you have skills and knowledge that the company can benefit from, why not use them?

However, there is a caveat with this approach. Make sure they don't take advantage of you. You want that extra work and skill development to pay off in the end.

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After all, Warren Buffett said, "The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." Setting boundaries is important so you don't develop resentment. And you want to be strategic as you go.

6. Find out what the experts say about why my job makes me miserable.

Fortunately, there are many books written by management consultants and experts on employee engagement and turnover. Books on Amazon like "The truth about employee engagement"mi"The 7 hidden reasons why employees leave" can help. You will find that your perceptions and feelings are valid and supported by research.

While these books cannot make decisions for you, they can provide information and guidance. Some of them contain the thoughts and feelings of other workers on the impact of work environments and management styles. You can find yourself in some statements and conclusions of experts.

After reading these books or even articles, you may have a better idea of ​​what you need to do. Maybe you need to talk to your boss. Or enter his name for a promotion or leadership position.

7. Look for new opportunities

Sometimes you just know there's nothing your company or boss can do to make you stay. You've been through enough with a bad boss and it's too late. Perhaps there are no open internal roles or career paths you'd like to pursue.

There is also a chance that your organization may not be able to provide what you need. This could be a higher salary, a remote work plan, or professional development and training. When there's really nothing you can do, it's time to prepare your resume.

But before you apply or network, outline what you want for your next job. Include a description of your ideal culture and manager. You don't want to jump from one sinking ship to another. Be sure to carefully research companies on sites like Glassdoor and ask hiring managers questions during interviews.

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Find out if they like working for the company and why. Observe how people treat you during the selection and introduction process. Are they stalling you or urging you to make a decision?

Warning signs like these can help you avoid bad employers and jobs that aren't a good fit for you.

When it's time to do something with your misery

Ignoring your negative feelings about your job is unhealthy and can backfire. You may start to relax or slow down your job performance. This can cause problems such as B. enrollment in a performance improvement plan or termination.

It is better to recognize why my work makes me unhappy. Start by analyzing your feelings and sources. Are you unhappy in general, or are there things in your private life that can be exhausting or challenging?

Illnesses such as depression or sleep disorders can also be the source of your dissatisfaction. The effects of physical exhaustion and mental illness can spill over to your job. Seeking help with these conditions and circumstances can eventually correct any job dissatisfaction.

But if the source of your irritation is your job, then it's time to act. Start with the gaps between your needs and your position and work environment. Try to reach an agreement with your current boss and organization.

However, if these attempts fail to achieve your goals, don't settle for less than what you want or are worth.

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