Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (2023)

Let's start this list by saying that there are none.OrtClasses in Destiny 2. But if we talk about theseBest PvP Classes and PvP Subclasses for Crucible, some definitely shine brighter than others. Updated for 2023 as of The Witch Queen, we're going from what we think is the "worst" to the best.

12. Titan Sun

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (1)

At the top of the list are the Solar Titans. When the changes in Solar 3.0 were announced during Season of the Haunted, it was clear that Solar Titans received better benefits for PvE activities than PvP. That's not to say they aren't bad by any means, but compared to the rest of the 3.0 changes across all classes, it was clear that the Solar Titans were the worst.

However, they can still do a good job overall with Exotics like Peregrine Greaves, which allows their shoulder charge ability to hit enemies with one shot. That said, the Solar Titans could definitely use more buffs as we head into Lightfall.

11. Stasis Hunter

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Stasis Hunters were once the most powerful PvP class in the game. However, last year they received some severe nerfs to catch them, and unfortunately, they still haven't fully recovered. That said, they're still widely used and great for quick, crucial playthroughs, and their Super, Silence, and Squall have a fast load time that's great for handcrafted modes like Trials of Osiris.

Overall, Stasis Hunters still have some utility here and there, but they can use some buffs to get back into the meta.

10. Stasis-Titan

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (3)

In terms of defensive warfare, Stasis Titans are by far the best option. With the ability to create walls of Stasis Crystals at will, convert them into their own ability energy, and then make another wall out of them, Stasis Titans can hold any stronghold with ease.

However, while its defensive abilities are unrivaled, its offensive abilities leave a lot to be desired. This is very evident with his Super Behemoth, as he is currently the slowest charging Super in the game, which severely impacts his offensive power. I hope Bungie fixes this in a future season.

9. Arcane Bow

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (4)

When the Arc 3.0 reworks were released, it was clear that warlocks were the worst of the PvP changes. While their chaining abilities remain unchanged, they received a new tier 1 melee called Lightning Surge. This melee allows them to teleport a short distance and shake everything around them. This works really well when used against multiple enemies at once, as you can kill all three of them at once.

In general, Arc Warlocks are quite strong, but they leave a lot to be desired compared to their other subclasses in Competitive Crucible.

8. Sorcerer Estase

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (5)

Stasis Warlocks are by far the best of any shadow subclass right now. Shadebinder as a Super is easily one of the strongest in the game, as its ice projectiles can travel great distances and pinpoint enemies. Not to mention that it is also long-lasting, making it a great option for Trials of Osiris.

However, what really sets this class apart from the other Stasis classes is the presence of the Stasis Tower. Warlocks can turn their grenade into an automatic stasis turret that fires projectiles at enemies, slowing them down. If hit multiple times, it also has the potential to freeze them. This is an incredible advantage in a high stakes competition like Trials of Osiris.

7. Bogenjäger

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (6)

Bowhunters are hard to judge. By all reports, the Arc 3.0 changes did not significantly improve or change its overall abilities. However, his super, Arc Strider, has gained a huge advantage, as when it's used and you block it, you essentially become immortal. By blocking, you can parry and parry anything in the game. This includes heavy ammo and enemy Guardian Supers.

A good example would be the ability to block a Thunderstrike Titan and not take damage. You can also combine this with the Exotic Raiden Flux body armour, which increases the duration of Arc Strider by up to 45 seconds!

6. Void Warlock

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (7)

It was clear that Void Warlocks received some powerful buffs in the 3.0 update when the Witch Queen DLC released last year. In PvP, Warlocks now have access to a new skin called Child of the Old Gods, which allows them to spawn a small Void pet that can track and slow an enemy for them. It also weakens your health as it slowly drains it.

You can combine this wacky new aspect with your Pocket Singularity melee ability, which can take down attacking enemies with ease, allowing you to get the upper hand on them. This works especially well against Titans that close in with Shoulder Charge or Ballistic Strike.

5. Void Titan

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (8)

Void 3.0 gave Titans exactly what they needed to become a powerful force in both PvP and PvE. His Super, Bubble, is now the fastest loading Super in the game, making him a must for game modes like Trials of Osiris where Supers can dictate the course of the game. Also, thanks to their new skin, they now gain a bigger shield, making them a great support option should something go wrong.

Combined with Exotics like Citan Ramparts, which allow it to blast through its barricade, Void Titans are second only to Solar Warlocks in terms of support. A good choice for defensive battles.

4. Sorcerer of the Sun

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (9)

Just like in PvE, Solar Warlocks are a force to be reckoned with. When the Solar 3.0 changes came to Season of the Charmed, Solar Warlocks got much stronger. By having simultaneous access to the incredible healing abilities they previously had and the movement ability of Icarus Dash, Warlocks became a dominant melee fighter almost on par with a Titan.

Of course, that doesn't include the fact that his Super Well of Radiance essentially makes him immortal. To kill a Warlock that is in a Well of Radiance, you must shoot them in the head with a Sniper or use a Super like Nova Bomb or Thundercrash on them.

3. Void Hunters

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (10)

Most of the time, when the word evil comes to mind, it's referring to Void Hunters in Destiny 2. Turn invisible, set traps, debug, you name it, Void Hunters have it all. With the ability to throw a smoke bomb and turn you and your allies invisible, this becomes extremely difficult to counter. Not to mention its Super Tether can essentially trap an enemy team with little to no effort.

When you come across a whole team of Void Hunters that you can spam with your invisibility skill, you'll probably want to run away, as you can't see what they're doing for half the fight until they eventually kill you.

2. Titanium bow

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (11)

Arguably, Arc Titans received the most significant improvements in PvP and PvE when given the 3.0 treatment during Season of Plunder. His grenades in particular have received a major upgrade with the new Touch of Thunder skin, giving them additional abilities and increasing their duration when combined with the right shards.

They also now have full access to Knockout, which triggers health regeneration when they secure a melee kill and increases Melee Slam range. This works hand in hand with Titans who love being close to the enemy team. Combine this with popular exotics like Synthoceps or Dunemarchers and you could have the potential to be a one-man army.

1. Sun Hunter

Destiny 2's Best PvP Classes and Subclasses, Ranked (2023) (12)

Last but not least, sun catchers come first. This shouldn't come as a surprise to many people, as it's pretty clear that the Sunchasers are the best, and by quite a large margin. Blade Barrage is by far the best super for PvP as it has a fast load time with a ridiculous area of ​​coverage.

That doesn't even include normal abilities like the heavy knife, which tracks an opponent's head when thrown, a guaranteed hit. Combine that with top-tier Hunter Exotics like Claws of Ahamkara or Stompees and you're basically set.

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