Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (2023)

destination 2Vonwitch queenThe expansion gets high marks for being a brilliant addition to the mysteries being revealed.destination 2it is tradition. The Guardians prepare to face Savathun, the Swarm Queen, who has been holding the reins of the Vanguard for some time. A new story leads players to revelations with an extensive campaign and an upcoming new raid is available.

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The expansion also introduces a new arsenal of exotic weapons and armor for the Wardens to carry into battle. These new exotics will be implemented with powerful abilities that will make a big difference in Strikes, Raids, and Crucible. But not all exotics are created equal, so here they are.betterwitch queenexotic, assorted.

Updated December 8, 2022 by C.M Edwards: Destiny 2It remains the dominant loot shooter of choice. Destiny 2 participates in one of the best tracks in its historybungieEntering into a partnership agreement with Sony Interactive and introducing new content to the game every few months with a new season.

Also, Destiny 2 has a new expansion fast approaching release.easy case;easy casewill take the Guardians on a journey to Neptune to discover a hidden technological utopia called Neomuna. At the same time, Destiny 2 continues to roll out new balance updates, sandbox changes, and exotic weapons. As the list of current and new weapons is improved and refined, the level will continue to change. there's more hereexotic witch queen, classified.

13 the grand opening

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (1)

The grand opening is this.Season of the RisenExotic weapon that Guardians can get earlier by purchasing the Season Pass. The weapon's design is heavily inspired by future technology, with lots of rivets and pathways, much like the weapons in Season of the Splicer. The Grand Overture is a slow-firing machine gun with a velocity of 100rpm and a 70-round magazine. The exotic perk is called Omega Strike, which loads up separate projectiles in a secondary fire mode whenever a player hits an enemy.

Shells can be fired in a single salvo to deal maximum damage on the battlefield. The grand opening had many players curious about a new light machine gun that could replace current top weapons like the Xenophage and Heir Apparent. Unfortunately, The Grand Overture failed due to its difficult to control recoil and below-average damage numbers compared to other high-output options. There will likely be a future buff to the weapon, but until then, it's been gathering dust on the chests of many Guardians amid a sea of ​​untapped options.

12 I left her

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (2)

The parasite is exotic.grenade launcherwhich takes a place in the powerful weapons slot. The size of a paper clip, fires a fugitive hive parasite at groups of enemies, dealing a burst of sun damage. The exotic perk on this weapon is called Worms Hunger, which increases projectile damage based on the number of enemies the player has defeated before firing.


In addition, the weapon's exotic trait, Worm Byproduct, increases the weapon's damage if the wielder damages themselves with the explosion. The guardians will surely face hordes of Thralls, and theThe Witch Queen's New Lucent Brother, the parasite will certainly have a place for the parasite to shine. However, the small magazine size combined with the reload speed may discourage some players from placing this weapon at number nine on the list.

11 collective obligation

Invasion of the Witch Queen, Disciple's Vow, has been released with new legendary armor and weapons that Guardians can obtain to complete the challenging activity. Like most of the raids launched indestination 2, a special reward awaits those lucky Guardians who find themselves victorious over Rhulk, the Witness's disciple.

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The Collective Requirement is an Exotic Assault Pulse Rifle that falls under the Energy Weapons subtype; The weapon is a 390 rpm pistol that does no damage. Collective Obligation's exotic perk is Void Leech, which allows this weapon to absorb Void debuffs applied to target enemies and then apply the same debuffs to other enemies in a separate firing mode. While the weapon works as expected, many players trade it in for less complicated options.destination 2sandbox.

10 Loreley Glanz

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (4)

Loreley Speldor is a new exotic Titan helm that was once a highly prized Titan item. With the recent overhaul of the Solar classes, Titans received a significant buff when using the class, which has helped them in both PvP and PvE. Loreley Splendor helps Solar Titans that have the Sun Warrior perk equipped by adding a special effect while in a sunspot. Paired with the Sol Invictus sun skin, players can ensure that every last hit of the sun ability creates a sunspot and grants players a buff. Normally, the buff increases the rate at which melee and grenade energy are charged in a sunspot; This exotic helm also allows Sunspot to heal the player.

Additionally, if a Guardian is severely injured while using Loreley Splendor, it will automatically create a sunspot where the player is. For a while, Lorely Splendor surpassed most exotics as the most coveted helm for Titans; Unfortunately, thanks to its increased usage, Lorely became the target of a series of damaging nerfs that took it from overkill to something useful. The number of sunspots appearing in Crucible games has decreased as players move towards bigger and better builds. However, Lorely is still extremely powerful in the game and very useful in other content like Nightfall Strikes ando new Raid Witch Queen, where a last-minute survival boost will be crucial.

9 Hoarfrost-Z (titanium armor)

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (5)
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The Hoarfrost-Z is a new exotic armor for the Titan class; His exotic perk is called Glacial Fortification. This perk modifies the Titan Barricade ability; Instead of summoning a solid shield of light, the player now creates a towering wall of Stasis Ice to protect themselves and other Guardians from enemies.

This item is extremely useful for containing and taking out oncoming enemies as they try to force their way through the gigantic defensive wall, making it invaluable in confrontation.destination 2The content of PVE and PVP.

8 The Blight Ranger (hunter's armor)

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (6)

The Blight Ranger can be a game changer when it comes to the Arc Strider Hunter class.destination 2. The current tree for the Arcstrifder class allows hunters to swing their staff and deflect incoming attacks while increasing the damage of the staff.

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This Blight Hunter Helm increases the damage of deflected projectiles that hit the attacker while also spawning more Orbs of Light for teammates, similar to Alpha Lupi's Titanic Chest Chest. More orbs of light means more super energy, which in turn means more damage dealt, which will certainly make this exotic a must-have in raids and raids.

7 Blotting Filaments (Witch Armor)

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (7)

Secant Filaments is a new Exotic Warlock leg armor that adds synergistic effects to the Devour ability on the Void subclass. The Exotic Buff Devouring Rift triggers when a caster casts an Empowered Rift. It also grants the Rift the Devour trait to the player and their allies.

In addition to this effect, any damage Guardians deal to enemies within the rift will naturally interrupt them. That, combined with the Game ChangerVoid Reconstruction 2.0, make Drying Filaments one of the biggest exotics in the game right now. New Shard builds that can mod Devourer skins greatly complement this piece of gear.

6 Osmiomancy Gauntlets (Warlock Gloves)

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (8)
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Warlocks were given exotic weaponry similar to that of Titan; This exotic gives Warlock Cold Grenades an extra charge. Coldsnap grenades ondestination 2Creates a trail of ice on the ground that chases targets for a short time, freezing the first target hit and then spreading to nearby enemies.

This exotic increases the duration and range of the ability and provides an additional charge for the grenade. This piece of gear will no doubt be extremely useful in PVE and extremely annoying in PVP for Guardians on the other side.

5 The Osteo-Rufe

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (9)

Osteo Striga is the new exotic flagship for thewitch queenDLC combined with a new exotic catalyst and ornament. The players who ordered thewitch queenget access to this weapon and its decorations before others. Osteo Striga has been compared to Thorn because it fires poisonous projectiles that poison and damage enemies shot at over time.

The Striga exotic perk, Screaming Swarm, fires sensitive projectiles that track targets. Additionally, landing a killing blow with Osteo Striga or landing multiple headshots on a target creates a burst of poison damage, severely wounding nearby enemies. The numbers in the first few weeks of testing the weapon are huge; Paired with Warlock's necrotic grips, Osteo Striga will rock the worlddestination 2sandbox.

4 Cuffs of Renewal (Hunter Armor)

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (10)

This new exotic hunter armor is sure to rise to the top of the most worn; Renewal Grasps uses an exotic perk called Duskfield Depth which increases the range and duration of Duskfield grenades. This buff also weakens targets caught in the Duskfield Grenade's increased area of ​​effect, greatly reducing the damage dealt.

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This exotic perk will make waves in both PVE and PVP, adding even more threat to an excellent hunter ability. The ability to reduce damage from a target makes this Exotics arguably one of the most valuable Exotics in the game right now.

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3 intruder

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (11)

A fresh take on the weapon pool returns in the form of the Trespasser.weapon of fate1; A sleek and stylish firearm equipped with a laser dot, the Trespasser is an extremely damaging weapon with a decent rate of fire and a moderate time to kill. Where the weapon shines is in its exotic and unrepentant edge; This perk provides a significant weapon damage bonus after a ward reloads it after a kill.

The weapon fires a large barrage of projectiles that can take out an enemy or guard with a single shot. The Trespasser has become a widely used weapon thanks to the recently dominant sidearm meta, and it remains a powerful secondary weapon that many players save for special occasions.

2 the dead messenger

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (12)

The Dead Messenger is an exotic grenade launcher with a ton of effects that Guardians will be happy to tackle.destination 2with. Dead Messenger's exotic perk is called Trinary Vision; This causes projectiles fired by this weapon to deal a variety of elemental damage instead of a single point explosion, similar to Psion attacks.

In addition, the weapon can also switch between the three original elements of the game: Void, Solar, and Arc. This weapon is sure to revolutionize the game in many facets with its functionality and ability to take out multiple enemies. Dead Messenger is seeing a surge in usage with the advent of the sidearm and aiming grenade launcher.destination 2and has established itself as a staple in competitive use.

1 The Edge Exotische Glaives

Destiny 2: Every Witch Queen Exotic Ranked (13)

One of the flagship exotics that comes with thewitch queenand theClass-specific Exotic Glaiveswith three separate versions forTitan,dry, zHunter. Each Glaive has a specific trait that can be paired with its Guardian and must be unlocked by completing thewitch queenBell. The action limit is the Titan Glaive; He has the ability to fire a barrier projectile that shields other Guardians from damage. The Edge of Concurrence is Hunter Exotic Glaive, which has the ability to fire lightning projectiles that chain between enemies.

Finally, The Edge of Intent is Warlock Exotic Glaive, which has the ability to build a healing tower. Each Exotic Glaive is a powerful utility that would be invaluable in the right situations. Glaives in general seem to have found their place in thegoal 2,But Exotic Glaives have become a common occurrence in Crucible matches due to their added defensive options and short kill time.

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destination 2está disponible para PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC

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