23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (2023)

(Updated January 2020) withplant foodThe vegan restaurant industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (1)

The growth of the vegetarian restaurant industry

The number of people following a vegan, flexitarian or vegetarian diet has increased dramatically in recent years, with an estimated3.5 million vegetariansUK only.

To meet this demand, the number of vegan fast food restaurants is growing globally, with chains such as The Loving Hut opening locations around the world. NomVNom in Singapore serves vegan pizza and burgers, Forky's vegan hotdogs and ribs in the Czech Republic, and Sutton's and Sons', London's first vegan fish and chip shop, recently opened.

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Elegant plant-based dining

When it comes to fine dining, consumers expect sophisticated surroundings and high-end cuisine. food is readystyleThe service is more formal with several dishes, each paired with a different wine. Especially plant-based haute cuisine is becoming more and more popular.

Below is our selection of vegan fine dining restaurants.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (3)

1. Paperbark, Sydney, Australia

Vegans found at the Casbah building in busy Sydney's Waterloopaper barkThe restaurant specializes in dishes made with native Australian ingredients such as acacia seeds and allspice. The fusion menu was launched in 2018 and contains innovative dishes such asLemon Myrtle and Eggplant Bruschetta. The luxury hotel also offers an all-Australian wine list with minimal intervention wines, including Pinot Noir de Menon that complements the earthy flavors of the melaleuca mushrooms.

Other notable upscale vegan dining experiences in Sydney includeabsent restaurant,Located in the Ovolo Woolloomooloo branch of the Ovolo five star hotel chain. In addition to staying in a hotel with a catchy name, Alibi was founded by a famous vegan chef,Matthew Kenny.While the menu includes a variety of cuisines, it can be broadly described as pan-Asian fusion with dishes such as charcoal dumplings and kimchi dumplings.

Sydney is also home to vegetarian restaurants.gulMenu design offers a variety of vegetarian optionsBrent Salwah. The restaurant at Potts Point offers plant-based dishes such as Fushimi Creamy Potato Hollandaise.

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2. Factory in Toronto, Canada

One of four chef-led restaurants.david lee,PlantaIt offers a vegan menu inspired by French and Italian cuisine, including dishes such as tuna tartar made with beetroot and served with avocado chutney. You don't see soy protein on the menu, which substitutes vegetables with just the right texture for meat. For example, the "crab" cake is made with hearts of palm, while the pate is made with mushrooms. The Toronto branch serves signature cocktails in a clean, modern setting.

Other unique Toronto restaurants includeRosalinda, offering high-end vegan Mexican food, including dishes like coconut ceviche and pibl de yaca tacos.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (5)

3. Singapore's original sin

This Italian and Mediterranean restaurant opened in 1997 and was vegan before it went modern, as its website proudly proclaims. Although not completely vegan, the menu is very vegan friendly and most dishes are stamped "V.O", meaning they can be made vegan. Opened by Michael Hadley and Marisa Bertocchi,original sinClassics such as broccoli pesto and antipasto are served.

There are more than 100 vegan outlets on Happy Cow in Singapore, but many of them are juice and smoothie bars rather than restaurants. People who pursue high quality vegan food can trydozo's joyIt is located on the picturesque rooftop of the Orchard Central vertical shopping mall. The meat-free menu offers several vegan options, such as Japanese kombu broth and hand-cut tofu.

Gourmets can also feast at five-star hotels.Grand Hyatt HotelPete's Place, one of its nine restaurants, offers a vegan Italian lunch buffet and a Beyond vegan burger,FairVegan eggs are also on the menu.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (6)

4. Los Cuervos, California, USA

Located on California's idyllic Mendocino Coast,collarIt is part of the Stanford Eco Resort and offers a completely organic, plant-based menu. In addition to handmade sushi and rustic flatbreads, the restaurant offers signature dishes such as root vegetables and sea palm fritters. It also offers a variety of hearty vegan desserts, including coconut scoops and pecan cake. The Ravens restaurant, named after a pair of corvids that nested in the trees when the current owners moved into the resort in 1995, also offers an all-organic wine list.

The restaurant states on its website,"In August 2004 we received our first Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. We are committed to this award as an integral part of our efforts to make vegan food a truly wonderful dining experience. Some are made from organically or conventionally grown grapes. We have recently won our eleventh wine list award."

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (7)

5. Greenhouses in Stockholm, Sweden.

This luxuriousdinning roomAll products in the Swedish capital are vegandishesSeasonal ingredients are used and all wines are handmade. Savory dishes include roasted celeriac with herb emulsion and buckwheat or truffle croquettes with fermented onion marmalade. The restaurant is understated and sophisticated with lots of polished wood and flickering candles. It is ideally located next to the famous nightclub UnderBloom.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (8)

6. Chiodi Latini Ny mad i Turin, Italien

Named after its founding chef, Antonio Chiodi Latini, the restaurant places great emphasis on local ingredients. This not only ensures freshness, it also reduces the carbon footprint of the menu as less transport, refrigeration, preservatives and packaging are required.

The ever-changing menu includes twists on Italian classics such as green borage orecchiette and fried asparagus. As a restaurant dedicated to providing your guests with an unforgettable gourmet experience, the items on the menu are not dishes but "innovations". For just €55, guests can enjoy seven new dishes from the tasting menu. In addition to Vin du Jour,New Latina manicureIt also provides chicory coffee and vegetable extracts.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (9)

7. Crossroads Kitchen i Los Angeles, Californien

Another exclusive Californian restaurant in the form ofKorsvej Kitchenin Los Angeles. Founded in 2013 by vegetarian chef Tal Ronnen, the healthy menu includes hearty dishes like French onion and mushroom soup, almond ricotta lasagna and lentil tempeh piccata.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (10)

8. Pollen Street Social Event in London, UK

Although this Michelin-starred hoteldinning roomIt cannot be described as vegan, but it offersThere is a dedicated vegan menu and there is even an exclusive vegan tasting.menuThere are eight quite satisfying dishes to try. Chef Jason Atherton creates plant-based dishes such as wild mushroom and celery risotto. Vegan teas are also served daily in the restaurant, but must be ordered in advance. Remember to take your crown with you at night.

Those looking for high-end vegan food in England's capital can also tryvanilla varietyIn Chancery Lane. The menu includes dishes such as salted caramel beans and black olive madeleines. Hidden gem St Luke's Table will soon be another option, located in the LIBRARY hotel, the restaurant's head chef isIt is saidLooking to launch a plant-based gourmet menu; toppings include edible flowers, walnut pesto and pineapple carpaccio.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (11)

9. Bon, Tokyo, Japan

This popular restaurant in Taito Ward specializes in ingredients such as tofu, miso and three dishes. Everything is prepared according to Buddhist precepts.. Buenoserve a certain typeShojin cuisineFucha Liangli called. It focuses on communal dining and tea. Vegan dishes are not only based on Buddhist nutrition, but on Buddhist nutrition. They are works of art with attention to detail.

While Japanese cuisine tends to be fish-based, vegetarianism and plant-based diets are on the rise. Happy Cow lists more than 300 vegetarian restaurants in China, while they are international"Vegetarian Forest"The festival was held in Yamanashi Prefecture in 2018. When it comes to dining, most vegan restaurants focus on speed and sweets, such as Tokyo Vegan Bakery.go! Muffins, let's go!

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (12)

10. Kopps, Berlin, Germany

Based in the German capital, it is completely vegetarian. main Diners will be delighted by culinary masterpieces including winter truffles with strozzapreti, pears and walnuts or roasted artichokes with vegan caviar. Named one of the 11 best vegan restaurants in the world by CNN, and ranked in Open Table's top 50 in 2015, the restaurant lives up to its mission:"Make vegetables sexy for you."

Berlin was named the vegetarian capital of the world in 2015 and is home to around 80,000 vegetarians. This corresponds to 10% of Berlin's population. There are more than 50 vegetarian restaurants in the city, including upscale restaurants.lucky leek,Serve with potato and ricotta crepes or radish schnitzel. BesidesBardot BistroLocated inside the Almodovar Eco Hotel, offering vegan snacks in a luxurious setting.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (13)

11. Assignment in Manchester, Great Britain

Opened in 2016, this contemporary vegetarian restaurant specializes in casual dining. Dishes such as aubergine confit with pouiy lentils and gluten-free red wine bolognese are offeredAssignmentIt also offers tasting menus with five to ten courses. For a more luxurious evening, try adding a cheese board.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (14)

12. Sprig and Vine, Pennsylvania, Eastern Europe. Well.

This vegan gourmet restaurant was opened in 2010 by chef Ross Olchvary. It has links to many organic suppliers, including Roots to River Farm and Mainly Mushrooms. By using the freshest organic ingredients,branches and vinesMake delicate dishes like edamame falafel with lemon tahini or purple sweet potato ravioli.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (15)

13. Avant Garden, New York, USA.

New York is one of the best places to find fine vegetarian restaurants. If you are looking for good food and wine in a cozy atmosphere,Front gardenIt might be something for you to try homemade pasta with smoked mushrooms. Or Calasparra Paella. It comes with real merguez trumpets, paprika cream and almonds.

For something more modern, tryBloom, for creativity that isdirty candy, for Michelin-starred food try John Fraser'sanything.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (16)

14.416 Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, often referred to as the vegan capital of the world, has a lot to offer. 416 is a trendy chef-led restaurant and cocktail bar, highly recommended by previous customers. A range of exclusive dishes are available, including gluten shawarma, polenta and vegan steaks. But it's not just a restaurant that serves food, he saysinternet sideIt is also about experience.

Cube,"The design combines raw industrial elements with lots of wood and real greenery that grows and surrounds the restaurant every day. The atmosphere, music and lighting convey the feeling of Manhattan.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (17)

12. Down to earth Brighton, UK

Terre à Terre is one of Brighton's most iconic vegetarian restaurants. Founded 26 years ago, this popular East Street restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian dishes, including warm sticky marinated tofu with plum and sea celery. The entire menu is meat-free and many options are fully vegetarian upon request.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (18)

16. Humus x Hortense from Brussels, Belgium

Brussels-based Humus x Hortense was recently named the best vegetarian restaurant in the world. The title comes from the "Were The Smart Taste Summit" in Amsterdam. He beat 800 competitors. According to the restaurant, the restaurant is run by Flemish chef Nicolas Decloedt and all dishes offered use seasonal, local and organic ingredients.Brussels Times.All wines offered are local natural wines.

"Humus x Hortense resonates with the rhythm of the seasons"He saidinternet side."The restaurant is committed to the highest quality and loves nature. To achieve this, Nicolas De Clotte has selected the most ethical Belgian producers."

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (19)

17. Acorns of Bath, Great Britain

Acorn in Bath specializes in sustainable, plant-based haute cuisine. This award-winning restaurant uses local ingredients that are good for the environment and the animals. It states on its website,"That way you don't have to worry about the horrors of factory farming."Their December menu includes innovative vegan dishes such as roasted celeriac and hazelnut butter on carrot.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (20)

18. Browns Bonds Hill, Derry/Londonderry, Nordirland

Browns Bonds Hill in Derry/Londonderry is not a vegan restaurant, but it is the only restaurant in Northern Ireland to feature in animal rights group PETA's list of the 10 best vegan-friendly fine dining restaurants in the UK. Their seven-course vegan tasting menu must be booked in advance and costs £40 or £70 including wine. according to aannouncementPlant-based dishes by chef Ian Orr"Deliciously exotic and unforgettable".

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (21)

19. Grön en Helsinki, Finland

Grön in Helsinki offers two menus, one of which is vegan. However, both focus on using high quality Scandinavian organic botanical ingredients. Their vegetarian menu includes Caramelized Silver Onion Pie, Roasted Mushroom Fondue and Baked Alaska with Pinales.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (22)

20. Sleeping Vegan Butcher in Dublin, Ireland

Sova Vegan Butcher is Ireland's first vegetarian restaurant. The elegant restaurant offers two menus, one for brunch and one for dinner. The first includes pulled pork buns made with sauerkraut, oyster mushrooms and homemade BBQ sauce. The latter offers a variety of "meat" options, including gluten-free steak and soy chicken ragu, as well as spinach gnocchi and a tempeh Caesar salad.

The restaurant states on its website,"We carefully prepare delicious vegan dishes while providing all the essential nutrients that are good for body and soul."

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (23)

21. Frantzen's Kitchen, Hong Kong

Frantzéns Køkken brings Nordic flavors to Hong Kong, but each dish is influenced by Asian influences. It offers a vegan tasting menu that must be ordered a week in advance for HK$850, according to the South China Morning Post.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (24)

22. Mosaics in Ubud, Bali

According to Mozaic, it has a reputation for being the best vegan and vegetarian food in Ubud. All of your meals are cooked to order, so all you have to do is let the kitchen know that your dinner must contain only plant-based ingredients. It also offers six- to eight-course tasting menus for vegans and vegetarians, including dishes such as watermelon carpaccio and caramelized Bedugu cauliflower.

23 vegan fine dining restaurants around the world (25)

23. Horses Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Cavalli Estate offers a vegan tasting menu and vegan dishes from the à la carte menu. The restaurant's head chef Michael Deg told Food 24:"I believe in using local and seasonal ingredients and would like to emphasize simple dishes that emphasize the quality of the product with fewer ingredients."Add to,"We've also put more emphasis on vegan and vegetarian options, creating a go-to destination for travelers looking for quality food."


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